About Midtown San Jose

Midtown San Jose, the transit corridor that runs along West San Carlos Street from Downtown San Jose to Santana Row, is a vibrant, colorful, and independent business packed area that links several communities, including Burbank, Willow Glen, Rose Garden and Buena Vista. The community is home to a restaurants that offer a global taste, antiques stores filled to the brim with hidden treasures, vintage clothing, retro neon signs, respected tattoo artists, and more. 

Along with the eclectic, Midtown is also home to several new creative housings developments, including one born out of the remains of an old cannery, as well as several modern mixed-use developments. Housing developments along West San Carlos will continue to grow with several new high-density projects just on the horizon, ushering a new generation of Midtown residents. And with the opening of Midtown Arts + Mercantile, the area will also soon be home to micro brewing, independent coffee shops, and  numerous small, independent businesses and artists. 

Things here are moving fast, but with a foundation firmly planted in San Jose’s colorful and eclectic past, Midtown is a place to see. So come visit Midtown San Jose and see what San Jose’s urban corridor has for you. 

About the West San Carlos Street Neighborhood Business Association

The West San Carlos Street Neighborhood Business Association is a nonprofit association dedicated to promoting the businesses and neighborhoods in the Midtown San Jose area, including Burbank and Buena Vista. 

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